SilencerCo Suppressors For Sale

Buy SilencerCo suppressors online. SilencerCo has a wide range of suppressors for every type of platform and host firearm. For gun enthusiasts with a large collection, SilencerCo’s suppressors will take every recreational shooting experience to the next level. From the rimfire designated Switchback to the versatile functions of the Hybrid 46M, we’ve got it all. Suppressors are the natural next step for anyone who loves shooting as a hobby to reduce sound and increase fun. Select from a wide range of Pistol Silencers, Rifle Silencers, Rimfire Silencers and Shotgun Silencers.

Omega 300 is a versatile suppressor that can be used on a variety of rifles and pistols. It is rated for .30 caliber cartridges and is full-auto rated.

Hybrid 46M is a modular suppressor that can be used on a variety of calibers, from .22 LR to .300 Win Mag. It is also full-auto rated and is relatively lightweight.

Omega 9K is a compact suppressor that is designed for use with pistols and submachine guns. It is rated for 9mm and .45 ACP cartridges.

Harvester is a lightweight suppressor that is designed for hunting and long-range shooting. It is rated for .30 caliber cartridges and is full-auto rated.

SlencerCo | More About US

SilencerCo was formed in 2008 with the intent to create the best silencers by thinking outside the box and by solving problems in unconventional ways. The founders thought the only way to make a foothold in this competitive industry was to bring new products to the market only if they were a significant improvement over what was already available in competitors’ products. SilencerCo has a mission to continually focus on improvement, innovation, creativity and problem solving. SilencerCo decided it was time to introduce new, forward thinking ideas to the market and forever change the landscape of the suppressor industry. SilencerCo is dedicated to creating products that will improve sound reduction levels, improve durability and longevity, improve form and function, and improve ease of use and maintenance, and to do it in ways never thought of or achieved. Over the last few years, SilencerCo has had incredible growth and impressive market penetration with only a few products. As we develop our full product line, the same forward thinking and innovative practices seen in our current product line will continue into our future products.